Saturday, May 03, 2014

Movie Review: Amazing Spiderman 2

What a mess!

All I could think throughout the movie was.... what a mess!

Spoilers ahead... this is only for folks who equally want to complain about this movie.

I felt the first movie was rushed. Sony had to get the ball rolling or surrender all those merchandising rights and it felt like a movie that was thrown together.  However, I was hoping for round 2, Spider-man would find his footing.

No such luck... I actually think this movie was worse than the first. Here is my list of gripes:

  • Opening scene was overly long and in the end pointless... 
  • I knew in the first fight scene that they were setting up the Rhino, and he was a detestable moron.  Really, you are going to entrust that suit to that guy?
  • Every character, from Electro to Aunt May, was riddled with angst... but it ALL seemed so contrived.
  • The setup clues for Peter to find his Dad's train were ridiculous... and finding the train was even more ridiculous.
  • I just could not get into Electro... almost every word he uttered grated on my nerves.
  • There was no sense of development to the Green Goblin... and he just looked and acted like someone who showed up late for the party and was not sure why he had been invited.
  • The only characters who had any chemistry in this movie were Peter and Gwen... and they did nothing with it.

What did you think?

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