Monday, April 07, 2014

For My Liberal Religious Friends

I feel for all of my more liberal and independent religious friends, I really do. They have all these subversive notions of love, acceptance, and equality that their conservative religions just want no part of. My friends want to change these religions, re-work their texts, and make their houses of worship a more livable place for everyone.

But they keep ending up disappointed. They can't seem to square this circle.

A few weeks ago believers watched as Christian Evangelicals shamed their faith by using starving children as pawns in their never ending war against homosexuals.

This week, Mormon women were given the cold shoulder by many in their faith, and they watched as once more the door was sealed against them.

Take heart my friends, if Jesus showed you anything, it is that loving outside the boundaries and breaking down the divisive walls of religion will.... well, it will get you crucified.

Personally, I would prefer you join me on the other side... really, the water is fine.

But if you want to keep at it.... I have your back. Keep preaching love, acceptance, and equality... and who knows ... maybe someday those walls will come down.


Bruce Gerencser said...

I have the same love for my liberal Christian friends. I could not intellectually square the circle like they can but I do empathize with their end game.

fridrik777 said...

There's no "war" against homosexuals unless you are referring to the all-powerful gay lobby that will not stop until their cause is the center of the universe and the litmus test for employment, church membership, and every other freedom we enjoy.

God is not concerned with your American ideas of "equality" and "justice". God is not a social activist and is not looking to modify our political and social systems -- he will destroy them and rebuild his own eternal kingdom where He, not us, is center.

Andrew said...

Funny Frid... I have never had any subgroup try to infringe on my life and liberties the way religious people have... mostly because you are oh so sure about what God is and what he wants... if there were a god, yours would be the height of arrogance... as it is, it is the height of delusion. Believe what you like Frid... but keep it to yourself.

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