Thursday, December 19, 2013

Facebook Faith #34 If It Walks Like A Duck

And I support A&E's right to let go of
employees who say dumb things
If you were on Facebook today, your newsfeed probably blew up with posts about Mr. Duck. I had many lengthy conversations.  Here are a couple things I noticed:
  • There are a hell of a lot of people who do not understand what the Constitution has to say about free speech
  • Many people believe all opinions have equal validity
  • Folks LOVE when someone speaks their mind (on a subject they agree with)
  • Sarcasm and condescension only work in the mind of the person using the tactic
  • Those who dish it out can rarely take it
  • Blaming the victim is really popular
  • Some of my Facebook friends are adept at "Palining" (ignore the question and just keep repeating your talking point)
  • Defending homosexuals makes you anti-Christian
  • Christianity is all over the map on the issue of Homosexuality
  • If you don't cherry pick scripture the way I cherry pick scripture, then you are not a real Christian
  • You are a bigot if you don't tolerate bigotry
  • Homophobes HATE being called Homophobes


Don said...

Very good assessment.

Dave Sopko said...

Most people have no idea what the First Amendment is about. None at all. If they had an inkling, they would not throw it around as easily as they do in these situations.

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