Sunday, November 03, 2013

Welcome Pizza Hut!

I am very happy and satisfied right now. I just had some Pizza Hut pizza. It is one of the better pizzas, and I have a theory about why this is so.  I am pretty sure that they place a stick of butter in the pan, then let it melt in the oven, before putting in the dough. I am not exactly sure that this what they do, but it tastes like it, and that is what I fantasize while eating it.

Salt Lake City does not have a lot of Pizza Huts. In fact, I think there was only two when I moved into the valley 10 years ago. Yes, they were there, but I rarely drive out of my way to get anything. If a restaurant isn’t located on my way to or from work, I probably won’t be visiting it.

Ten years ago, my house was on the edge of nowhere… literally. A four lane road ended in the middle of a hill just past my house. From that ending to the Oquirrh Mountains, there was nothing.

I was impressed by the ending of that road. It was nearly three times as wide as any of the roads near my home back in Michigan… and those roads were bursting with subdivisions. Here was this massively wide road that just, ended. It told me these Utahns planned ahead.

That once dead-end road now leads in to one of the largest home developments in America. Our house was on the edge of civilization- now we are in the middle of one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the country.

Along with that reality comes all of the shopping and restaurants one could wish for… except, it seemed, on my corner.  As the store fronts were being built, I found my enthusiasm waning as each new marquee went up: insurance, UPS, paint store, nail salon, dentist.  Could my options be any more boring?

When a new set of stores started rising a few months ago, I didn’t even get my hopes up… it would probably just be a damn florist or daycare center. Fortunately, I was wrong. One of the first signs to go up was a hiring notice for Pizza Hut!  Joy!

So this evening I dined on that delectable greasy crust.  Pizza Hut sausage make me question my asserted position on deities. The dinner pak my wife picked up included wings… I now have another reason to make that a regular stop.

Ahh Pizza Hut!  Welcome to my neck of the woods….


Kevin Dudley said...

Its a squirt of vegetable oil in the pan before the dough goes in... At least that's what it was when I worked there.

Andrew said...

Don't ruin my fantasy....

Alice said...

It's probably "whirl"...My husband used to work at a Pizza Hut.

I think it's one of the best places for pizza too.

Brook Downs said...

some places soak their deep-dish dough in veg. oil overnight - lets it rise and soak into your arteries. Pizza Hut was always one of my Cornerstone traditions at mainstage and the taste of their pan pizza always reminds me of cstone.

Bob said...

You are probably right about the stick of butter, but Pizza Hut will never admit it! It just wouldn't be politically correct. But if we're honest with each other, doesn't real butter make just about anything taste better????? :-)

Andrew said...

Bob - Oh yes. My wife always comments that I am a great cook... I just don't tell her I am frying everything in butter!

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