Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jars of Clay - Inland

There are some bands who get less rotation in your playlists as the years go on. What appeals to you in your teens and twenties often does not hold as you move in to mid-life.  I have built up a prodigious music collection over the years, most of it acquired during those said teens and twenties. However, the majority of those CDs have not been spun in over a decade. Add to that, my shift out of faith has rendered much of my collection non-palatable. Next summer I intend to send many of those CDs out to pasture via Ebay.

Still, there are a few bands who have had the depth and elasticity to journey through my varied changes in age and mind. While others lie dormant, they still get regular play.

Jars of Clay is one of those bands. I have seen them twice in the past two years and I enjoy them more now, even though we sit on opposite ends of the faith divide. Their music remains engaging, while their lyrics are as clever and poetic as ever.

Jars latest recording - Inland - is one of my favorites and I could not recommend it more. If you want to give it a listen, you can hear the entire recording at Billboard magazine here.


Michelle said...

I can relate to the music purge. I'm surprising myself by going to see Jennifer Knapp and Margaret Becker at Christmas time. Besides enjoying their talent, I want to support Jennifer as an out lesbian Christian singer (yikes--can't imagine the crap she's taken), and I want to support Margaret for having the stones to tour with Jennifer.

Bill Keith said...

Going to see them Wednesday night. Inland is beautiful and one of their best. Such depth all the way through. They get better and better as the years go by.

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