Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Early Prediction for 2016

My prediction:  The Republicans are going to circle the wagons for 2016.  The Right politicians fear the frothing, conspiracy driven, AM radio folks who make primaries happen.  So they will trumpet Christian persecution, gun rights, anti-gay, anti-woman, disdain for anyone not rich, platforms.

Then they will get their asses handed to them AGAIN in the next presidential election.

At that point, the moderate majority will separate themselves to their own identity, and a lot of those Republicans who have been visiting with the Left, because they did not want to sit down at the crazy table, will drift back to the group who identify themselves as moderate Republicans.  Those who count Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as news sources, and who think Michelle Bachmann stands for what is right, will have to plow out their own identity, separate from a new, leaner, more focused Republican party.

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