Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Better Late Than Never?

So politically Left, head of Sojourners, evangelical Pastor Jim Wallis has come out in favor of equal rights.

Hooray right?  Another voice to add to the chorus swelling in America?

I know that is probably how I should be feeling... but  that was not the reaction I had when it scrolled past on my Facebook newsfeed.

Honestly, I was annoyed.  I think it is clear he has believed in the rights of homosexuals for a long time... but making such a public declaration would not have served him or his organization.

In the meantime, others with influence have been out there taking the hits, fighting the hard battles in the religious and political square - putting jobs, book deals, and speaking engagements on the chopping block.  Declaring a side on this issue has caused a breakdown of relationship with friends and family for many people.

Now that the trail has been cleared and the tide of public opinion, even in the religious community, is changing - here come the waves of "us too" church celebrities,  looking to score a little media attention.

I guess there is nothing new to this pattern.  People in religious power are much like politicians, weighing the public mood and assessing the consequences before stating a position. I should probably be more gracious, but that was my initial reaction.

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irreverance said...

I had a conversation around a similar issue about a month ago with a friend. I understand that politicians/religious leaders want to avoid offending people because it cuts into their support. However, in situations like this on you point out--one in which it's more than likely the case that someone was being quiet on an important issue specifically for political reasons--part of the effect of the big reveal is that it makes people wonder what else is being hidden. While standing up for what one believes may cause trust issues with those who differ on the matter, being silent and then joining in when it's convenient causes trust issues with those who hold a similar stance.

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