Monday, October 01, 2012

Voting For A Mormon?

I see a lot of evangelicals and conservative Christians who are struggling with the GOP candidate, Mitt Romney. Although he shares many of their values, they can't get past his being a Mormon.

I don't plan to vote for Mr. Romney, but let me put your mind to rest on the Mormon issue. I live in Salt Lake City. I know tons of Mormons and they are wonderful people. Really! You would have a tough time finding a people group that so consistently make for such fine neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Again, I do not plan to vote for Mr. Romney, but if his Mormonism is what keeps you from voting for him, I think that is a tragedy.

At the end of the day, I fully expect that Mr. Romney will fight equally for the interests of the 1%, regardless of what religion they subscribe to....  ;)


Don said...

Touche, Andrew!My Southern Baptist friends act like it's not a problem. But, I seem to remember, years ago, before I left the SBC, going to a conference on "cults", in which the Mormons garnered a prominent spot! Hmmm, as another friend said, ""Muslim or Mormon....the lesser of two evils please. Holy Cow!

Michael said...

Heh, nobody at our church has a problem voting for a Mormon, as long as its a Republican. Allegiance to party trumps all.

Wesley Ellis said...

Good thought Andrew... but most of my conservative Christian friends seem fine ignoring Mr. Romney's Mormonism. In fact, I think this is an historical phenomenon... It's got to be the first time in history that the "evangelical vote" will go to someone who is not considered to be a Christian by evangelical standards. The one Christian in the election is gonna lose the most vocal Christian demographic. That's ironic! As Michael said, "allegiance to party trumps all."

Bob said...

Agree 100 percent re quality of Mormon people. We have a number of them in our community and you just couldn't have better neighbors and friends.

An interesting fact I did not know until buying our home from a Mormon family is that they are survivalists. Our basement is furnished w these awesome shelves where the previous owners kept a year's supply of provisions.

Andrew said...

It's true Bob. Every member of the church is kind of expected to have a year's supply of food and a good supply of water. They are not "sky is falling" by any means. It is just a prudent, matter of fact, thing they do.

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