Thursday, May 24, 2012

Truth Does Not Demand Belief

I saw this one on Facebook and it made me chuckle.  One of the things I have noticed since moving beyond my Christian faith is that I don't spend time with all of the word games.  These word games require you to say things, almost mantra like, that keep you focused and believing in an unseen reality.

For example, as a Christian, you might spend a lot of time referencing God as if you had just spoken to him on the phone - "I was wondering which job I was going to go for, and God made it clear to me that he wanted me in the first one."  Now if this Christian ends up at the second one, that is ok... all of the verbiage will roll down a new track.  Being wrong on what "God made clear" never impacts the next time God makes something clear.

All of this alternate reality creation requires a lot of effort and concentration of the Christian's part.  You take normal everyday occurrences, and turn them into "God Moments" (moments when God does something really cool that you can then share as a faith building story later).  With all of this energy being spent on warping reality, you have little time or patience for people in your life who would question these realities.

But these "God Moments" really are just everyday occurrences.  For example, I just got a new job.  I had done a few other interviews but, though I would have been happy to have gotten any of them, none of them had grabbed me like the last one did.  My wife could hear in the way I told her about the interview that I really, really wanted this one.  Lo and behold, I got the job.

In my Christian days, I would have been able to relate a half dozen items that would have demonstrated that my getting this job "was a God thing".  The reason I didn't get the other jobs is because God didn't want me there... and he was making this clear in my heart, which is why I was not as excited about them.  God was present in my interview and gave me favor with the staff who interviewed me.  The peace and anticipation I felt during and after the interview was God showing me his hand in this process.

That's how I would have interpreted and retold it in the past.

What is the reality?  The reality is I have a great resume', great experience, and great references.  I interview well.  It was clear to the staff and to me throughout the interview that this was a good fit.  I liked what I was hearing from them in the interview.  The good feeling was a reciprocal response generated by both parties anticipating a successful choice.

A God Moment?  or an Everyday Occurrence?  The first option requires a lot of word games and energy to believe... the other is just plain and simple truth that does not need to be propped up.

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Don said...

Congrats, by the way, on you new job. I hope it is all you want (intend) it to be

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