Monday, October 17, 2011

Pastor Numb Nutz

God HATES You!

“Some of you, God hates you. Some of you, God is sick of you. God is frustrated with you. God is wearied by you. God has suffered long enough with you. He doesn’t think you’re cute. He doesn’t think it’s funny. He doesn’t think your excuse is “meritous” [the word he's looking for here is "meritorious"]. He doesn't care if you compare yourself to someone worse than you, He hates them too. God hates, right now, personally, objectively hates some of you.”  ~Pastor Mark Driscoll

Did you think Fred Phelps ("God Hates Fags") said this?  No, this was said by an extremely popular evangelical pastor and author.  He runs a church business in Seattle, and thousands upon thousands hang on his words each week.  Aside from his congregants, his books sit on the shelves of many of the evangelical Christians in your town. 

Do you know evangelicals who are caustic?  Negative?  Angry?  Bitter?  Hateful?  If so, they are probably taking their social cues from guys like Driscoll.  Many reasonable sounding Evangelicals quietly appreciate his "punch in the face" attitude, and quote his nastier bits amidst high-fives when non-Christians aren't around.

Still, I find his rants somewhat encouraging.  To me, they are the angry, dying gasps of a group that is becoming more and more marginalized - like the man who gives the finger to the witnesses observing his execution.

Ugggghhhhhh!  Hackman!  You are just becoming SO anti-Christian!

Perhaps.... but not Anti - Christ.  I don't think Driscoll represents Jesus in any way, shape, or form.  A Christianity that defends him, I believe, has nothing to do with Jesus.

Lest you think he was just having a bad day, realize that this is pretty typical material from him.  If he had no followers, like Phelps, he probably wouldn't be worth mentioning; but Christians by the scores march to the beat of his drum.

Honestly, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Guys like this are always hiding something....


Ahab said...

"God hates, right now, personally, objectively hates some of you."

It sounds like he's using God as a sock puppet for his own hatred of others and/or self-hatred. How anyone could find spiritual nourishment in such a hateful God is beyond me.

Speaking of Driscoll, did you hear about his latest nonsense?

Sammy said...

I agree with Ahab. Driscoll is taking his own bigotry and attributing to God in order to give it more authority.

Such a terrible view of God does not just impede spiritual nourishment, but it can actually cause spiritual damage, especially in young children. I grew up believing that God hated me and, despite becoming a universalist, I still wrestle with feelings of guilt and self-loathing because of it.

While I understand why you find these marks "encouraging", and I agree that it is the reaction of a group struggling to stay relevant and get attention, I worry about the damage such remarks will do to Driscoll's followers, especially the younger ones.

I also agree that Driscoll does not represent Jesus. Driscoll either completely misunderstands Jesus, or else he is deliberately twisting Jesus' words for his own gain. In Ahab's link, Driscoll is claiming that masturbation is a form of homosexuality and that "God is displeased with that conduct...[so] Christians therefore must be judgmental like Jesus". Driscoll must be talking about a different Jesus than the one that said "Do not judge, or you too will be judged" (Matthew 7:1).

What I find funny is that Driscoll only condemns male masturbation and homosexuality. That is quite common among Christians who share Driscoll's beliefs. Female masturbation and/or homosexuality is rarely mentioned, if at all. I think that shows their condemnation of homosexuality has more to do with their own personal disgust and/or threatened masculinity, rather than theology. Female homosexuality, therefore, gets a pass, since many men find female homosexuality "hot", or, at the very least, not repulsive.

Janet said...

Regrettably, there are those who have a psychological need for Driscoll's verbal flogging. I am sure God will call him to answer for the damage he has caused others and the souls lost.

Linda said...

I agree. This was one of the most profane things that I have seen. In his other clip from this sermon, he actually says that God hated Jesus "for a moment" when Jesus was on the cross. If that isn't heresy, I don't know what is.

OneSmallStep said...

**he actually says that God hated Jesus "for a moment" when Jesus was on the cross. If that isn't heresy, I don't know what is.**

So God hated himself?

If one ignores the impact Driscoll has on thousands, this is almost fascinating to watch. It's like he's very much embracing the darkness inside himself, and trying to suck everyone down with him.

But from what I've seen of Driscoll, I wonder how much he believes his own words. If you are truly hated, and *feel* as though you are hated for just being what/who you are, then it becomes very hard to function, and it's not some statement you can blithely rattle off.

Andrew said...

Ahab- Welcome and thanks for commenting. I agree that there is no spiritual nourishment to be had... these are the sycophants who hang out with the bully...

Sammy - I agree that how the bible deals with male homosexuality is an obvious indicator that it is a man written book. If an objective God had a problem with the practice, it would have applied evenly to both sexes. But as you say, most straight guys recoil at male homosexuality... female not so much.

Janet - Yep, you can almost picture his followers applying the lash like medieval priests.

Linda - profane is a good word for his sermons.

OSS - yep, if people were not being damaged, the man's self implosion would be truly entertaining.

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