Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy 500th to Me!

Welcome to the 500th post here at Hackman's Musings!

I started this blog on a whim. I didn't read blogs at the time... I don't even know that I knew what they were. My friend, Brook, kept a pretty good record of his life on a wall calendar and a journal; and I always thought it was cool that he could go back through the years and not have to rely on memory alone. So, my original intent was to keep a journal. In a way, it has been; though more a journal of my thoughts than my activities.

My first entry was on April 22, 2003. It was only 3 sentences long and had no title or picture.  I wrote only 10 entries that year... and a mere 2 in 2004. Now, if bound, this blog would make for an awfully thick book. I now have so many articles that I sometimes have trouble finding the one I am looking for.... or have difficulty even remembering having written certain pieces. I recall seeing Daniel Amos in concert one year, and Terry Taylor had to read the lyrics of an old song as he sang it. I thought that was bizarre at the time, but now I understand.

I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to read. I am particular glad of you regulars whom I have gotten to know here and at your blogs. I have interchanged with some of you so often over the years that it surprises me to remember that we have never actually met.

Peace to you my friends!


Brook said...

so, I'm just curious - do you keep a private journal too, now that you've learned the joys and importance of writing one's life? or are all your writings made public here? I find the two are often very different in my own life.

Don said...

Congrats Andrew! I've been going since about 2004. Gotta check out my own numbers. I know I had around 91,000 hits since then. Not sure what that says, if anything..

Bob said...

Congrats Andrew! I look forward to 500 more!

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