Friday, December 31, 2010

So Long, 2010!

2010 was a year filled with joy, but there was a lot of sadness as well. So I look on it with smiles but also some relief that it is over. In any case, I am excited to be entering into 2011.

No big trips this year, but lots of fun little ones. That is the nice thing about living in Utah... you are never far away from a vacation spot. We have been in Utah for just over 6 years now. It is incredible to me, looking back, that we made the move from Michigan... however, I never hesitate to think that this was the best move for our family.

One of the greatest treasures we discovered in moving out here was becoming involved with the South Jordan Community Theater. Kathryn led the way, and we have come to love the people in this community like family. We have participated, in some capacity, in 5 shows during 2010. Each one was tons of fun. My parents have even jumped into the fray when they visit.

Our neighborhood in South Jordan is an excellent place to be. Jacob is involved with Boy Scouts.  Kathryn is busy with middle school. She will be a teenager in 2011.... sigh..... I only got to do one movie in the park behind our house this summer; I am determined to do a better run this year.

2010 was definitely a year of spiritual transitions for us. I think we did a lot of clarifying of who we are not. Perhaps in 2011, we will determine who we are.

Thanks to all of you who read and chime in on this blog!  I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Redlefty said...

Happy New Year to you as well!

Jon said...

Happy New Year and thanks for your great blog!

Logan said...

Happy New Year!

Bob said...

Happy New Year . . . I have been skiing at Park Cities and Alta; you're right, it's a great state.

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