Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soularize in a Box 2

I occasionally have done some book reviews for the message boards over on  Basically, I get a free book, they get a review from me.  I don't know if I will do anymore though because the past few books I felt were more like critiques, and I have found I don't much care for critiquing someone's writing.

However, with this last run I did get something I felt I could "promote".  The Ooze sponsored a conference a few years back and have made the audio and video available.  There are a total of 20 talks in all under Soularize in a Box 2.  What I like about the way they have packaged it is that you get a DVD with all of the MP3s and then a dvd full of the same talks in a portable media player format (youtube quality).  Usually when I get the CDs or DVDs from a conference, I have to rip everything so I can take it with me.  Tedious.  These fine folks have already done all that work.

Here are the seminars:

N.T. Wright - The Kingdom of God, Paul's Engagement of the Hellenistic World, Salvation
Rita Brock  - Paradise: A Historical Perspective, Saving Paradise, The Story of God's Garden
Brennen Manning - Abba Father, We are Called to the Healing Ministry
Richard Rohr - Christian Transformation, Non-Dualistic Thinking, The Practice of Meditation (2 Parts)
Frank Viola - Narrative Ecclesiology
Michael Dowd - Thank God for Evolution
Jim Palmer - Divine Nobodies
Mark Scandrette - Living in the Ways of the Kingdom
Garth Higgins - Spirituality in Film
Spencer Burke - Retail Christianity or Wholesale Love?
Plus two round table discussions.

I guess they usually sell it for 40, but I was sent a coupon code to offer "vb50" which will take it down to $20.

For me, the talks by Richard Rohr alone make it worth it.  Plus I love N.T. Wright, I discovered I liked a lot of what Frank Viola has to say, the talk on evolution was eye opening, and I enjoyed the discussion of spirituality and film.  I am still working through the rest of it.

The coupon is supposedly good until the end of the year, so if you are into any of these speakers, I think it is a pretty good deal.  You can purchase it at :

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