Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye Dear Friends

Duke is on the Left, Duchess on the Right
Today we said goodbye to our dear friend Duchess. Mary Lee and I brought her home as a kitten just after we married 15 years ago. We brought her friend Duke home a few months later. Duke passed last month. I assumed we would have Duchess for a few years yet, but her health began to fail a few weeks ago.

Duke was our scardey-kitty. He was always skittish around people and would really only warm up to us in the late evening. We joked that he had a split personality, he would run in terror from us during the day; but would come back for a massage later that evening.

Duchess was almost dog-like. Wherever I was, that is where you would find her. Most often she would sleep at the foot of our bed, then come sit at my feet while I brushed my teeth and shaved in the morning. She was rarely off by herself... she would always be where the family was.

We often called her "Nurse" Duchess. If any of us were sick, she would  lay down with us for the duration of our illness.

My children grew up with Duke and Duchess along side them.  I am grateful for the attributes of tenderness, care, and compassion that our cats helped develop within Kathryn and Jacob.

We were together as a family to say goodbye to her today. She was a precious and wonderful cat.


Krista said...

so sad to hear of the passing of your kitties. they were good kitties, with the softest fur I ever felt. I have fond memories of them, and send my goodbyes too.

matthew said...

sorry to hear about the cats. We have been there a number of times and it never gets any easier. There is joy in knowing that the years they had with the family were the best they would have ever had.

Steve H. said...

Give my niece and nephew a big hug from their uncle and tell them Uncle Steve knows what it means to lose a loved pet.

Sammy said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my kitty, Samuel, back in May and I am still grieving for him. A cat becomes such an integral part of your life, and losing them can be as painful and losing a human friend.

Bob said...

They add so much to our lives. I have to believe they are all running around in heaven. Sorry for your loss.

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