Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Darwin Fishy

Back in 1976, I remember sitting at a Christian music festival listening to Keith Green banging away on the piano. Between songs, Keith bluntly ripped on the merchandisers who were selling "Jesus Junk" at the back of the festival grounds. It seemed good to me though. I had my Christian comics, Christian t-shirt, and Christian frisbee.

Thirty-three years later, I practically have an alergic reaction to "Jesus Junk". The merchandisers of the seventies were amatuers compared to what is available today. One item I always thought was beyond absurd are the Testamints (little candies with a cross on it). So I was a little suprised when my daughter had a knock-off tin of mints called "Fish Mints". (Their website claims to "Be Reaching the World one piece at a time.")

"Sweetheart, where did you get these?" I inquired, turning the small tin in my hand. The lid said these were sugar-free and promised a bible verse inside.

"At the Hobby Lobby," she shrugged.

"Let me rephrase... Why did you get these?"

"I don't like Altoids, and these were cute," she replied.


"Yeah," she answered, taking back the tin. "They have these cute little fish named Darwin."

I choked on my drink and spluttered, "Darwin??"

"Mm-Hmm," she smiled. "These little fishy are called Darwin Fish."

I have obviously been neglectful in my duties to raise my children in the Christian subculture. :)


Brook said...

All those years (and pictures) at Ichthus, and your daughter didn't even know that word in association with that fish? I for one am not going to defend the christian subculture by any stretch, but I do think back on all those years of amazing concerts, from Rez to Undercover, Mylon to Larry, and I can't help but think...for shame Andy, for shame...(but also, good for her!)

curmudgeon said...

No worry Andy, Hobby Lobby is owned by a rabid Christian Millionaire who donates a bunch of money to Christian causes. I am sure the Darwin Mints are symbolilc of gods mouth chewing up Darwin's evolution.

That being said, remember Darwin's theory is no longer considered a theory in scientific communities...It is a law.

Kay said...

I'm left wondering what Bible verse is quoted inside the tin. It has to shed light on the purpose of the little Darwin fishys. :)

Andrew said...

I will have to check, I can't quite remember.

Just to clarify, these mints were those christian fish... but the marketers of the Darwin fish have done their job... THAT was the association that Kathryn made. :)

curmudgeon said...

Oh I understand...that makes the story even funnier!

Andrew said...

Ok, I did some editing and added a picture of the tin, so it should be clearer to the folks who weren't raised in the Christian subculture that is inundated with corny, cheesy merchandise. :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Too hilarious!!! Kids!

We had a recent candy confusion at our house too: here.

Steve H. said...


Would you consider the "Darwin Fish" cheesy, corny marketing as well? Boulder was littred with the things on the backs of cars and I wonder if its just another evangelistic proclaimation for the "true believers" to identify themselves and to ridicule the "non-believer"

Andrew said...

No, but then I don't find the fish people stick on the back of their cars "cheesy" (I have different adjectives for that).

I could only stay at the scripture candy website long enough to find that pic. On the way to the mint section I passed :

"The Jesus Tin" - This beautifully embossed "Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know" Christmas Tin is filled with 4oz of Old-Fashioned Soft Peppermints. "

I could hardly click any further...

Andrew said...

Welcome CL... Great M&M quote! :)

Kay said...

Ohhhh ... I get it now. I thought that some Christian group had made Darwin Fish Mints to, as Curmudgeon said, symbolize Christians chewing up and destroying evolution.

Heh. This is better. :)

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