Sunday, November 08, 2009

Annie Opens this Friday!

This Friday, the South Jordan Community Theater production of Annie will hit the stage. My daughter is the orphan Tessie, and I will be singing and dancing in the Hooverville scene (got Man 2 lines there also), various Warbucks mansion scenes, NYC, and playing the soundman in the radio scene.

It occured to me the other night while doing a sound check, as I was singing out a few lines from the stage, the strange twists and turns my life has taken these past few years. My politics & faith have taken a sharp Left turn, I am live in Utah after being a life long Michigander, and I have been in 3 musicals this past year (never did theater before) ... heck, I even sang a solo in one of them!

Curious to see what is going to happen next....

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Sabio Lantz said...

We are under the illusion of this thing called "me". We change our environment, our friends and our activities and overtime the former me is gone. Well, it actually never left, you are always just a ball of habits that can change as long as the ball does not get too big ! Smile.
Keep singing !

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