Friday, October 02, 2009

Tonight's Kathrynism

While my wife was away at work tonight, the kids and I sat around the fire pit out back roasting marshmallows. Once the marshmallows were gone, Jake headed in to watch a movie. Kathryn and I sat and talked.

"Oh it is starting to feel like Halloween," I said. "I need to start watching some spooky movies!"

"What on earth for?" Kathryn replied.

"To get in the spirit of the season," I countered.

"Yuck! I hate gory movies. What's the point?"

"Well, I don't like gory movies either," I corrected. " I just like spooky. Besides, you've never even seen one."

"Yes I have, I came down one night and saw part of Heroes that you were watching. That was like rated R scary!" she said.

"Heroes isn't rated R and it isn't scary."

"To me it is!" Kathryn admitted.

"Which is why you are not allowed to watch it or other similar things," I said.

"One of the boys in my sixth grade class says he saw a rated X movie," Kathryn announced.

I coughed.

"Really? and what else did he say?" I inquired cautiously.

"Nothing, I think he was lying. I mean if I thought Heroes was rated R, then real rated R would give me nightmares for years. Rated X? How could anyone really want to watch something THAT scary!?"



River said...

I like spooky movies, but not bloody ones. Around this time each year I usually watch The Sixth Sense and Practical Magic. Love them both.

Steve H. said...

The great Cosmic Retribution in all of this is directed at you Andy...she's going to grow up to replace Dobson as President of Focus on the Family

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