Friday, April 10, 2009

Quotes from articles I read this week #4

Obama steps out of being an American to offer an observation and criticism from that meta-location. For Hannity, this move is inherently unAmerican. There is something suspicious and unpatriotic about stepping out of the American matrix. Thus we find the classic conservative/liberal debate. Liberals often step out of or away from America to achieve a stance of critical objectivity. Conservatives find that move, generally speaking, unpatriotic. To be meta- is to be un-.
Experimental Theology

* Stop Invoking Ronald Reagan: Hey, I loved the Great Communicator as much as any Republican. I cast my first vote for him in 1984 and grew misty eyed when he would describe America as that "City on a Hill". He drew millions of "Reagan Democrats" across party lines much like Obama did with the Republicans in '08 BUT he was first elected President almost 30 years ago and he was old then. We have millions of new voters who predominantly voted Democrat this election and only yawn when Reagan is invoked. It only serves to re enforce the perception that the GOP is a party of the dinosaur.
Beyond the Pale

"Have you told a lie?" "Yes." "Then as far as God is concerned you are a liar." You may have heard this conversation before. This is how the whole gospel is altered, conversion becomes founded upon humankind's failure rather than Christ's victory and sin's subsequent release of us. When this is our language, God holds death over us as fear tactics in order to keep his power rather than defeating death and displaying his power by offering life. Is not, in fact, death "the last enemy to be destroyed"? Sin becomes an abstract, floating ideal, that is basically wrong because God said so, and that's it, rather than a concrete system of oppression and dehumanization which can be countered concretely however "impractically" (... I hate the word "practical"). The invitation to follow Jesus becomes an invitation to escape hell rather than an invitation to bring heaven to the world.
Living in the Kingdom

All that aside, I believe it is absolutely essential that we include people in our circle of friends who do not agree with us in all respects. There is a LOT of room for disagreement on different issues between intelligent people, and we should all be willing to respect that...not to mention that this creates opportunities to learn from one another, and debating is always fun once in awhile (how boring would life be if we we all thought the same about everything?) Besides, the Nazarene said "Love your enemies", and even if someone does consider you evil because of what you believe for whatever reason, you still have a responsibility to love them back. You don't get a choice about that. Jesus pointed out that no extra credit is given to people who love their friends and family. Anybody can do that.
Unitarian Univeralist

After days of traveling the dark valley, I once again see the light of life. These lights make up my children, my family, my friends, my doctor and all the medical professionals willing to help me. I have hospice which takes away a lot of fear. They are here to meet all my needs. I’m grateful to all those out there meeting my needs and my spiritual needs. I really enjoyed seeing Bruce. The doctor ensured me again that I have about 6 months and it should come easy. I don’t consider this a death experience, I can consider this a birth experience. In every labor there is pain and in every labor there is time to let go of the placenta of life and reach on to the power and energy of what is the new life and I look forward to that. If it’s possible I hope one of those great energies is the ability to see my Dad. My faith has not change and I believe in a perfect God who has a perfect process for each of us. That’s why we have nothing to fear because every piece of the puzzle is perfect. There is absolutely no fear in where I am at. I feel surrounded by angels of peace. Keep watching because I am not done yet!
Bold Grace

(The above photo is my view out the window as I read these blogs.)


Redlefty said...

Love this series.

OneSmallStep said...

**"Have you told a lie?" "Yes." "Then as far as God is concerned you are a liar." You may have heard this conversation before.**

The thing I don't get about this line of reasoning is what happens when it's in reverse:

"Have you ever told the truth?"
"Then as far as God is concerned, you're a truthful person."

One instance does not a characteristic make.

Andrew said...

LOL... too true! I think we can build a whole new movement - Everyone is a saint cause we have all done something good! Heh!

Bob said...

There is an old joke, most of which I can't remember, but the crux of it is St. Paul shows this new arrival around Heaven, pointing out the different factions and groups. He sees this one group whose members are in a little tight-knit circle, only talking to each other. St. Paul says, "That's __________ (fill in your own narrow minded faction). They think they're the only ones here."

WES ELLIS said...

Happy Easter! The tomb of death has been opened to a garden of life.

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