Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to Palm (or why I love my Centro!)

I have been using PDAs for about 15 years. My first was a B/W clamshell unit running Windows CE 1.0. It was actually a pretty neat machine for the time; an instant on that ran Windows. I switched to a Palm Vx and stayed with various Palm units for years.

I eventually switched back to the dark side. Palm seemed to be faltering, and the Windows PDA had more robust multi media functions.

But now after about 6 or 7 years with Windows PDAs, I have come back to Palm. I have been carrying two items for too long - phone and PDA. There have been a few models that brought together both that have been tempting, but usually lacked something important or were prohibitively expensive.

However, the Palm Centro rolls in under 100 dollars. I slapped an 8 gig microSD inside and now have my audio bible, seminars, music, TV shows, movies, and books all in one place. In addition to all of the PDA functions, this thing is really a great phone. All that, and now my web addiction can travel with me.

It is great owning a Palm again. I had forgotten how quick and intuitive Palm is. It is not flashy or full of eye candy... but it gets the job done solidly.


Adam Gonnerman said...

As a data support tech, let me just say I really hope you never have a problem with that Centro. They're a nightmare to troubleshoot.

Andrew said...

Really? What should I be watching out for?

I think the only thing that concerned me, compared to the Palms I have had in the past, is that the Hard reset is controlled by software. If the software truly locks, I would think you are SOL cause you then could not do a reset. Pulling the battery doesnt seem to change that.

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