Saturday, September 22, 2007

PLEASE stop using THAT word THAT way!

Survivor: China premiered last night and one of the castaways is Leslie Nease, a Christian talk show host (New Life 91.9 in Charlotte, NC).

After refusing to partake in a Buddhist ceremony she explained:

"I’m not a religious person, but I have a relationship with Jesus Christ"

Oh does that give me flashbacks! I still hear that ridiculous statement occasionally, but when I was growing up it was practically a part of our "non-liturgical" liturgy. The statement makes NO sense and sounds completely mental to anyone not raised in right-wing church environments. Some people feel that they get spiritual brownie points for making such statements in the public square.

But if you take it apart, besides being nonsensical, it is completely arrogant (not a Christian value). It has the same humility that Lucy has when she talks to Charlie Brown.

Also, it makes the term "religious" sound negative, something that the Bible certainly does not do.

It is a demonstration of the "Us vs. Them" language that has been allowed (and encouraged) to flourish within the western church. I don't believe it pleases the heart of God at all.

And statements like hers make me want to run screaming from the room! :)


Adam Gonnerman said...

Yes, the way she put it sounds strange to anyone who doesn't speak the evangelical sub-culture's language.

Still, why would I participate in a Buddhist ceremony? I suppose I'd have to know more about it and its purpose.

Andrew said...

I would think it would be good for a Christian to sit through a Buddhist ceremony just for accuracy if nothing else. I think our knowledge of other religions tends to come from people of our faith (rather than theirs) and the inbreeding of our information over time becomes more and more inaccurate. Kind of like the old telephone game.

I moved out to Utah 3 years ago, and much of what some Christian communities communicate about Mormons just isn't so. I have sharp theological differences, to be sure, but to listen to some Christians talk you would think they are the boogey man. I think actual experience, when possible, helps us not to over simplify or over react.

Anonymous said...

If we don't over-simplify from a distance, how do you expect us to judge and dismiss anyone as an enemy? Aren't you an American? Don't you ever read God's personal love letter to you? His Word is for US, not them. I, for one, am not interested in knowing that a Samaritan (or Buddhist or Mormon) would do that sort of thing...

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