Thursday, August 16, 2007

God's ways are not our ways....

French existentialist playwright Jean Anouilh proposed a scenario for the last judgment:

The good are densely clustered at the gate of heaven, eager to march in, sure of their reserved seats, keyed up and bursting with impatience.

All at once, a rumor starts spreading: “It seems He’s going to forgive those others, too!”

For a minute, everybody’s dumbfounded. They look at one another in disbelief, gasping and sputtering, “After all the trouble I went through!” “If only I’d known this…” “I just cannot get over it!”

Exasperated, they work themselves into a fury and start cursing God; and at that very instant they’re damned. That was the final judgment.

(cited in Louis Evely, That Man is You)

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Kifer said...

You gotta love those French existentialist playwrights!

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